Hedge Fund Startup Forum 2014 – Zurich


Gibraltar Finance are pleased to announce that they are Gold Sponsor at this industry leading event.

The conference for the next generation of hedge fund managers.

Designed with the aid of hedge fund industry veterans, this event has been put together to provide those looking to start a Hedge Fund with an in depth guide to setting up a fund and gaining investment. Attend this event and come away with a first-hand insight, directly from investors, on the best strategies for gaining that crucial first round of investment.

  • Hear the experiences of Recent Startup Funds.
  • Discover the mistakes they made and the tactics which were successful.
  • Understand the Initial Startup Process, with key tips on setting up & running a business.
  • Discover how Regulatory Compliance can help you Gain Investment
  • Determine which Fee & Fund Structures are the most efficient.
  • What are investors looking for?
  • Hear how to take your Fund to the Next Level.
  • Discover how to move from a small startup to an institution.
  • Learn how to Market your fund effectively.
  • How to approach investors and put your story forward.
  • Hear directly from Fund Investors on what they look for in a fund.
  • What will make them invest and what will make them run away.